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My Hodgkin Story


The year 1993 was infamous as the year when Mumbai was caught amidst terrible Bomb Blasts. Unfortunately, it was also the year when there were bombs found inside my body.


I was diagnosed with a form of Cancer known as Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Fear, uncertainty of living and other such apprehensions enveloped my mind. The news devastated me. I was left speechless, I did not know what to say, I did not know what to do. I began the ABVD Chemotherapy regime and after 6 cycles (12 injections every 15 days) of treatment, I was in remission. Not only did I have to bear the side effects of my treatment, but also there was a lot of unsolicited negative advice to deal with, there were my young children to take care off, as well as a husband, who was left completely shocked and vulnerable.


I write this letter today as I celebrate 24 years of survival.


It was a challenging journey, which I packed with COURAGE and FAITH as I got ready to move on. I can assure you, It did not come easily. Everyone told me to be positive but no one told me that being positive included being grateful for what I already had rather than longing for what I did not; that being positive meant finding activities that matched my strength and values.

As I moved towards my ‘new normal’ I began to appreciate life on a new level. Though I lived with uncertainty, I was more aware and more determined to make the most of every moment.


It was this very adamant determination, that made me promise to myself that I would use my Cancer Journey to give back. That became my promise, that became my mission. Setting up of V Care was instrumental in my emotional recovery. Cancer gave me patience, perspective, and gratitude. Through my survivorship, I am able to provide hope to others. At V Care we unite for the survivors, the fighters, for the families, the caregivers, and the friends who are no longer with us. Together we are stronger and together we can make a difference.



Vandana Gupta

Founder V Care


V Care Foundation

A102, Om Residency,

J W Rd, Nr. Tata Memorial Hospital

Opp Bhoiwada Court,
Parel (East)
Mumbai 400012

Mobile Helpline: 9821949401 / 9821949402

Toll-free: 18002091101, 1800226780(UMMEED)


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