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CanKids KidsCan - The National Society For Change For Childhood Cancer in India is a grassroots NGO working across the entire spectrum of Childhood Cancer Care across India. Through their signature program YANA –You are Not Alone – CanKids provides holistic support to a child with cancer and the family, from the moment of detection, through diagnosis, treatment, and after. CanKids works in partnership with 103 Cancer centers in 47 cities and 22 States of India. They also run 7 Home away from Homes- a low-cost model where the children with cancer and their families can stay while they are undergoing treatment.


Founded in 2004 CanKids enables better standards of treatment and care by partnering with Cancer centers, assessing needs, and filling gaps on an ongoing basis, through funding support, providing social support staff, enhancing capacities, and driving quality care, research, and impact assessment. Through stakeholder engagement and advocacy  CanKids aims to ensure that Childhood Cancer is a child health priority in India. 


An Urgent Appeal:

Help our children with Cancer LIVE and BREATHE! 

As the second wave of Covid -19 ravages India, this time affecting children and young adults who were spared the last time, children with cancer and their families are at very high risk.


Lower immunity, stretched medical infrastructure with a desperate need for oxygen and concentrators, unexpected discharges with hospitals being turned into corona-only centers, stranded families on footpaths,  medical staff, doctors, social workers down with Covid;  are stretching resources to the limit and endangering our children's lives.


Using our field experience from last year where we helped over 20000 children with cancer, CanKids KidsCan - National Society For Change For Childhood Cancer in India needs your help to provide children with cancer, their families, and the doctors who protect them LIVE and BREATHE and are raising funds to provide  the following


1. Sourcing and purchase of oxygen concentrators (each concentrator costs Rs 45000) , high-quality N95 masks, and other protective equipment for children, hospital staff, and our support teams in hospitals


2.  Providing shared care treatment in alternate hospitals, accommodation alternatives, and food supplies for an extended stay to patient families


3. Providing reimbursement for diagnostic tests and medicines undertaken locally by patient families as their hospital visits have been postponed


4. Online E-clinic services for schooling, nutrition, and psychological support for children, parents survivors, and caregivers

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