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Relief From Cancer is CanKid's trusted partner in the USA and shares a deep relationship over many
years. Sandip Jariwala, Founder of Relief From Cancer, is a board member of CanKids India and set up the South Gujarat support unit of CanKids in Surat in 2018.

CanKids has been recognized as a key leading non-profit organization working in India to address the
needs of children with cancer (0-19 years) and their families. It is the only organization in India
working at all levels - grassroots, district, state, and national levels and supporting the health
authorities and hospitals for the last 18 years to improve the quality/standard of treatment, care,
and other holistic support services.

CanKids drives the best access to holistic treatment, care, and support for children with cancer and their families reaching a childhood cancer treating center through its Cankids Hospital Support Unit
(CHSU) partnership projects. As of March 2024, CanKids has 141 CHSU partnerships across 58 cities
and 22 States/UTs. Currently, only 45% of children with cancer each year are making it to a cancer

CanKids provides direct support for families through its YANA – you are not alone – social support
protocols and services, social support teams, and care centers including Home Away from Homes,
Canshala schools, Subhita palliative centers, Passport2Life Survivorship clinics, and online
CanNurture, CanNourish, and Canshala services. CanKids has supported over 94584 families to
date, with annual support of over 15000 children each year, through direct support to families of
USD 5157708 pa, 358 manpower support to hospitals, 17 HAHs, 2 Canshalas, 1 Pediatric palliative
care center.

Working Models
Established in 2004, by Ms. Poonam Bagai, a colon cancer survivor, and Co-Founder Sonal Sharma (
parent of a childhood cancer survivor) our core area of intervention in India is Health care -
Childhood Cancer. The Vision is to enable global standards of survival of between 70-95% for
childhood cancer in India, to provide access to holistic treatment, care, and support, and to secure
the Rights of the Health Impaired Child with cancer to Health, Education, Childhood, and Pain-free
palliative care and the Right to be Heard. This vision drives our approach to working on all aspects
that will drive Change for Childhood Cancer in India – from support services for families of children
with cancer (age 0-19), to awareness, advocacy, stakeholder engagement, capacity building, quality
care, research, and impact.

Your support:
Provides medical support through our 141 CanKids Hospital Support Units across the country from
diagnosis, through treatment and beyond, including providing cheerful environments at treatment
Enables them to give care through our Holistic approach to Cancer through Accommodation,
Transport, Nutrition, Blood, and Psychological support
Gives a child Education through their one-of-a-kind, CanShalas to keep children in the habit of
learning through treatment and beyond.
Ensures continuity of care and survivorship as appropriate through relapse, palliation, or
bereavement and loss.
Helps ensure better standards of treatment and care by partnering with cancer centers, through
funding support, providing social support staff, enhancing capacities, and driving quality care,
research, and impact assessment.
Helps provide and facilitate economic support so that as few children as possible suffer from lack of

To Survive, a child with cancer needs medicines, treatment, and good nutrition.
To Thrive, a child needs education, psychological support, and more.

All this takes only:

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Proud to become an Alliance Member of ALSAC/St.Jude

A strategic partnership dedicated to a shared vision

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Eligible for 501 (c) (3) Tax Exemption Benefits.

Checks donations can be mailed to:

Relief From Cancer

1447 Irongate Ct. Pleasanton, CA-94588

To wire funds, please email

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